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Code of Behavior

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At Woodlands, our code of behavior has been designed with students’ integral formation in mind. Discipline is viewed as a means to achieve the integral formation.


Personal Adherence

Integral formation requires above all an attitude of openness and free adherence on behalf of each student. We ask each girl to show an interest in achieving her own personal maturity and to collaborate with the life style proposed in Woodlands.


Parental Support

The school relies on parents to motivate their daughter and to help them see the values acquired through discipline. If your daughter feels a division between you and the school, formation becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason we ask parents for their support in ensuring the schools’ discipline system is implemented consistently.



The students must:

  • Behave according to the ideal of integral formation that Woodlands commits to offer our students;
  • Use the official uniform in school during the week and at special events or activities;
  • Attend activities organized for them at all times unless permission has been granted by the staff;
  • Follow the school timetable and learn how to manage their time;
  • Speak English at all times.


You can see the complete Code of Behaviour in the Parents section/Welcome Package/Parents Handbook.


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